Bamboo Wood Coaster | Heat Insulation Pad | 17 Cm | Round | Loose Packing


About This Item:-

  • Material:- Bamboo wood
  • Color:- Brown
  • Diameter:- 17 Cm
  • Holds Soup Bowl, Dishes, Plates, Pots, Pans, Serveware. Easy to clean & Store
  • Loose Packing

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Bamboo wood coaster size of 17 cm. This heat insulation pad made up from high quality bamboo material. Yellow Weaves wooden Coaster is an excellent choice for your dining table. Wooden heat insulation pads decorates your dining table and gives it an exotic look. Unique wooden coasters protects your dining table from damaging effects of heat from hot utensils. Also protects table from scratches and wet marks. Prevent wet ring marks from forming on your table. Keep dishes, plates, kettles, teapots, bowls, pans and serveware on this bamboo coaster and prolong the life of your dinner table. Easy to clean and store.
Use of Bamboo Wood Coaster

This bamboo wood coaster comes in loose packing.

Product Details:-

Weight:- 72 Gm
Length:- 17 Cm
Width:- 17 Cm
Height:- 0.5 Cm
Diameter:- 17 Cm

HSN Code:- 44199090

GST Percentage:- 12%


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