Electric Hand Blender | Mixer | Beater, 18W 7 Speed Box Packing


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  • Power: 180W, Supply Voltage: 220-240V, Power Frequency: 50Hz
  • 7 Speed hand mixer.
  • Attachments: Tackle a number of kitchen tasks with two professional-style wire beaters for eggs and ream and two hooks for mixing dough. All are dishwasher-safe
  • this powerful motor has 7 speeds, so you can start slow and finish fast
  • Bowl rest take a pause to read the recipe or add the next ingredient without wondering where to set the mixer.
  • A built in groove lets you rest the mixer over the bowl, so drips go where they belong and not all over your counter-top

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This Electric hand mixer cum blender cum beater is compact and durable appliances for all of your mixing needs. Mixers are small appliances for all your baking and cooking needs. These lightweight mixers are for power with 7 speeds that for mixing, stirring, Beating, and Whipping.

It is equipped with traditional chrome beaters for optimal mixing. Whether you’re mixing Ingredients for baking or beating eggs for omelets, mixers make preparation easy and save your valuable time.

This item is perfect for your wholesale or e-commerce business as this product have high demand and exclusive, because it saves the time of house wife in kitchen reduce time and effort.

Soft grip provides comfort while mixing. Stainless steel chrome beater and dough hook.

Comes in Box Packing

Product Details:-

Weight:-595 gm
Height:-13.5 Cm
Length:-18.5 Cm
Width:-8 Cm

HSN Code:- 96039000

GST Percentage:-18 %


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