Inflatable Tummy Time Leakproof Water Play Mat for Baby | Assorted Color | Box Packing


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  • The inflatable water mat for kids is made of extra strong PVC and ecological, which is safe for children’s health.
  • It is a sealed airbag structure, soft and comfortable to use without fear of leakage.
  • Quick set-up – Fill the outer ring of the mat with air (pump included) and the inner part with water. Lay it on the floor and watch your baby have fun while you get the well-deserved rest!
  • Simply fill the water in the middle of the water mat and inflate the side of the water mat while tummy time with air. When the water and wind have been turned out, fold it flat and it’ll fit in a backpack to take with you anywhere
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Water mat for baby. Leakproof, made up of high quality rubber material. The perfect tummy time activity. “Tummy time helps your baby build strength in his back, legs, arms and neck,” about cause and effect to prepare him to be ready to explore the world on his own. Enables learning as the child pushes the fish around and takes in lots of visual color and movement creating fun and excitement Great for sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive abilities and social skills.

The baby play mat is BPA free and lab tested no-toxic. The Pet Time Inflatable Mat does smell, but it’s just the smell of plastic. Like a bouncy ball or any other plastic item that is blown up by the wind. It’s not terrible. Babies love rolling foam toys into the baby’s water mat. The backgrounds and images are really vibrant and well designed. Tummy time is tough for babies because they just hate being on their stomachs. But this baby tummy time mat caught my attention for several minutes. Continue to use the Pet Time Inflatable Water Mat several times a day for short intervals to build up their upper body strength and all that good stuff.

Having assorted color and comes in Box Packing.

Product Details:-
Weight:- 230 Grams
Length:- 5 Cm
Width:- 9.5 Cm
Height:- 14 Cm
GST:- 18%
HSN CODE:- 3924



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