Non-Slip Dish-washing & Pet Grooming Silicone Hand Gloves | Assorted Color | Pair of 2 Pcs | Loose Packing


About This Item:-

  • MATERIAL: Silicone is harmless to the human body and can be used with confidencer to remove oven dishes
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Its heat resistance up to 160 degrees Celsius so it can be sterilized with boiling water or microwave ovens(2min). Can also be used to move hot dishes or to remove oven dishes
  • MULTIPLE USAGE: This Magic Gloves can be used for kitchen, washing dishes, fruit & vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bed room, removing wardrobe dust, care for pet hair, and washing the car
  • Pair of 2 Pcs (Pack of 1)
  • Assorted Color
  • Loose Packing

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Silicone hand gloves. Made up of high quality latex silicone material. Your kitchen gloves are the perfect tool for cleaning every part of your home. Erase dirt and dust from countertops, tubs, floors, desks, dressers, and more with these cleaning gloves!. Palms and fingers covered with thick silicone bristles can quickly washes away oil stain and keeping strong grip, of course no harm to the kitchen utensils.

The Magic silicone rubber Gloves can be used for washing dishes, fruit, vegetable, car, pet bathing, cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, removing wardrobe dust. Durable and high Dense brushes can easily remove stains and remove surface stains.

Comes in loose packing. Available in assorted color

Product Details:-
Weight:- 135 Grams
Length:- 16 Cm
Width:- 1.5 Cm
height:- 31 Cm
GST:-  18%
HSN CODE:- 3924



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