Non-Stick Appamchatti with Stainless Steel Lid | 23 Cm | Printed Box Packing


About This Item:-

  • Material:- Non-Stick Aluminium
  • Gas Compatible
  • High Quality Non stick Coating
  • Strong and Sturdy cool Touch Handle
  • Printed Box Packing

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Non-Stick Appamchatti makes cooking safer and your health better. Its new & improved coating ensures durability and poses no harm to food. All in all, smart cookware for a smart kitchen. PFOA Free Nonstick Appachatti which has been constructed with Good and Durable Aluminium allows faster and even heating. This reduces the hot spots which may burn your food otherwise. Because of the non-stick surface, the cookware requires less oil to cook and doesn’t allow food to stick. It comes with a stainless-steel lid which locks the steam in and shortening the cooking time.

Tips to Maintain Non-stick Cookware:-
1. Condition before the first use with a thin smear of cooking oil.
2. Cook over low to medium heat for best cooking results. High heat can burn food, waste energy, and cause surface discoloration after some time.
3. Do not use sharp objects like knives/ forks and metal spoons with sharp corners/edges.
4. Cool pans before washing to safeguard against rapid temperature changes that can cause warping.
5. Clean your cookware with soapy water using the sponge scrubber after each use to prevent oil deposition

This non-stick cookware items comes in Non-Branded Printed Box Packing.

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