PVC Stationery Bag with Scale, Notebook, Eraser, Pencil & Sharpener for Kids | Assorted Colors | PVC Bag Packing


About This Item: –

  • PVC stationery bag with scale, notebook, eraser, and Sharpener
  • PVC bag packing.
  • Perfect for kids.
  • Assorted colors available.


Ultimate PVC stationery bag with scale, Notebook, Eraser, pencil and sharpener, specially designed for kids who want to express their creativity and organize their supplies in style. Made from high quality PVC material, this stationery set offers durability and long lasting performance, ensuring that your child’s favorite tools are protected.

Features a sleek design with a transparent finish, allowing your child to easily locate their supplies without any hassle. The bag comes in assorted vibrant colors, adding a pop of fun and excitement to their school or art essentials.

Inside the bag, you’ll find a handy scale, perfect for precise measurements in math or art projects. It’s useful tool that helps your child enhance their accuracy and develop their skills. The included notebook provides ample space for writing, drawing, or even doodling, encouraging creativity and imagination.

No worries about mistakes because our stationery set includes an eraser and sharpener. The eraser helps your child correct errors without any fuss, while the sharpener ensures their pencils are always sharp and ready for any artistic or academic task.

With the PVC Bag packing, you receive a neatly organized set that’s ready to use right our of the box. It also make it easy to store the stationery items when not in use, keeping everything together and preventing clutter. Plus compact size of the bag allows for convenient storage in backpacks, desks, or lockers.

Stationery bag made up from Non-toxic materials. It’s free form harmful chemicals, ensuring a worry-free experience while your child explores their creativity. The bag’s sturdy construction and secure zipper closure add an extra layer of protection, keeping all the supplies safe and intact.



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