Silicone Body Scrubber Belt Bath Belt – 150 Gm – Assorted Color – Box Packing


About This Item:-

  • Material:- Silicone
  • Weight of the Product 150 Gm (Without Box)
  • Easy to Clean
  • Eliminate fatigue of the day, promote body blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.
  • This body belt is an effective way to exfoliate and massage your skin being more hygienic than loofah.
  • Box Packing
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Silicone Body Scrubber Bath Belt Two-Sided Extra Long Bristle best body scrubber Brush More comfortable to use. Best exfoliating body scrubber then other best body scrubber tool. This best body scrubber for shower Solve your concerning problem. This is the best scrubber for your body then other body exfoliator loofah and body exfoliating sponge.

This is made for body exfoliator tool. first Can effectively exfoliate and massage and remove dead skin.More gentle than normal brush, best loofah body scrubber cheap quality, body scrubber is better then other best shower body scrubber. It comes to body scrubber with handle for bathing. it body scrubber women for bathing and men and kids use also.

This body scrubber to remove dead skin from body. in this body scrubber wall hanging facility. Benefits This body scrubber silicon for women for bathing work made very easy. This body scrubber soft work play in body scrubber for dead skin removal time. This body scrubber kids use also. this body scrubber for women for skin is use lightly. Fashion design and quality materials,Dual-sided Cleaning: Double-sided brush head. This body scrubber to remove dirt, massage skin and promote blood circulation. Making your skin smooth and healthy. Made of high quality silicone.Longer and more resilient.

Comes in Box Packing.

Product Details :- 

Weight :- 169 gm
Height :- 11.5 CM
Length :- 9.5 CM
Width :- 6.5 CM

HSN Code :- 3924

GST Percentage :- 18


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