Silicone Floor Squeeze Wiper Mop For Wet & Dry Usage | 2 Detachable Handle | Loose Packing


About This Item:-

  • Built with a flexible joint for simple, easy, and more effective sweeping
  • Silicone Head Seamless Design – The head of this multifunctional broom is made of soft silicone
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL 2-IN-1 SWEEPER: Our Multifunction Magic Broom does not only sweeps but also scrapes! Effectively dry the floor surface and easily remove dirt and hair. It can be used to clean pet fur, hair, liquid, glass without scratching.
  • Adjustable Wiping Sweeper – The magic broom comes with stainless steel poles, with adjustable length. It can be adjusted from 23″ up to 39.3″(58-100 cm). 
  • Loose Packing.


Silicone floor squeeze wiper. This wiper mop comes with 2 detachable handle, which can be attach or detach separately. Blade is made up from high quality silicone material. Can be used on multiple surface.

Detachable handle made up steel material. Strong and sturdy. These professional cleaning rags for clean dust, dirt, and pet dander perfect. They can help keep mirror car wood floor ceramic tile Marble clean. They can be used in daily Housework, Hotel cleaning, Restaurant cleaning, office clean, etc.

Material: PP+TPR+ aluminum tube
Colors: Gray, Pink, Green
Product Weight: 400 Gram
Max-Height: 39.3 inches(100 cm)
Squeegee Head Width: 12.2 inches(39 cm)

Product Details:-
Weight:- 155 Grams
Length:- 2.5 Cm
Width:- 28.5 Cm
Height:- 28.5 Cm
HSN CODE:- 3924
GST:- 18%



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