Stainless Steel Colander Basket (26 Cm)


About This Item:-

  • Material:- Stainless Steel
  • Color:- Silver
  • Diameter:- 26 Cm
  • You Can Strain fruits or veggies to rinse.
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Our very fine and wire mesh strainer or colander basket is designed to strain the smallest ingredients, you can strain most beans, pastas, and grains as well as food and vegetables without any worries

This colander basket is made up from durable and high quality food grade stainless steel and won’t rust. Classic in design and convenient to use.

Never waste another grain with our innovative fine wire mesh that easily strain the smallest ingredients with no waste.

Comes in two sizes 26 Cm and 23 Cm.

Very good and high demanding item, best item for your online store.

Product Details :-

Wight :- 209 gm
Height  :- 12 Cm
Diameter :- 23 Cm

HSN Code :- 7323

GST Percentage :- 12%


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