Stainless Steel Khal Batta or Pestal and Mortar Set | 1 No. | Export Quality Polish | Loose Packing


About This Item:-

  • Material:- Stainless Steel
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Export Quality Polish/Finish
  • Heavy Use Masher & Good for grinding use it for grinding and crushing herbs, spices or medicine. It is non-porous, natural and very durable.
  • Loose Packing.


This stainless steel khal batta or pestal and mortar set have export quality mirror polish. Made up from high quality stainless steel.

✔ Khal Dasta or Hamam Dasta is widely used products in almost all homes as well as restaurant It is same as Mortar (Hamam) and Pestle (Dasta). It is used for pulverizing various herbs such as ginger, garlic, cilantro, peppermint leaves, etc. is also used to crush or grind dried spices..
We provide High Quality Hamam Dasta with Special Steel Polish finish Colour and designed as per availability. This steel mortar and pestle will remind you of the cultures of Indian society where spices are grinned at households. Now enjoy the freshness of spices and traditional taste at your home. This is made from pure metal and has a heavy quality unlike the existing products.

This pestal and mortar set comes in loose packing.
Product Details:-
Weight:- 686 Gm
Height :- 15 Cm
Khal :- 6 CM
Batta :- 15 Cm
Width:- 7 Cm
Length :- 7 Cm
HSN Code:- 7323
GST Percentage :- 12%


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