Unicorn Heart Shape Mini Handbag Kids Fur Sling Bag for Girls | Assorted Color | PP Packing


About This Item:-

  • Made up of soft and fluffy fur exterior
  • Sling bag style with an adjustable strap for comfortable carrying
  • Compact interior for storing small items
  • Perfect for essentials like lip balm, hair accessories, coins etc.
  • Suitable for little girls who love unicorns and want a cute accessory
  • Available in assorted color with Unicorn Print
  • Comes in PP Packing


Kids fur sling bag mini handbag for kids is a delightful and enchanting accessory designed specifically for kids. It is a small-sized bag, perfect for little girls who want to carry their essentials in style. Comes in heart with Unicorn print, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to its overall design.

Exterior is gemmed with soft and fluffy fur, giving it a plush and cuddly appearance. The fur is available in assorted colors, ensuring that each bag is unique and appealing to a wide range of preferences. Whether it’s vibrant pin, pastel blue, or any other delightful shade, there is a color option to suit every little fashionista.

It’s designed to be worn as a sling bag, allowing children to carry it comfortably. Adjustable strap ensuring perfect fit for different sizes and heights. Interior having a compact storage space for small items like lip balm, hair accessories, coins or tiny treasures. Provides enough space for the essentials a child might need for a day out or a special occasion.

It’s perfect for young girls who want to add a touch of magic to their outfits while carrying their favorite small items.

This sling bag comes in PP (Polypropylene) packing, which provides a protective covering.



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