Wooden Chopping Board with Knife Set and Scissor | 6 Pcs Set | Stainless Steel Knife | Blister Packing.


About This Item:-

  • Material:- Wooden Chopping Board, Stainless Steel Knifes and Scissor
  • Strong and sturdy
  • 6 Pcs Chopping board and knife set
  • They have Brown Wooden handles that provide a firm grip at all times
  • You can use the scissors to cut food items
  • Hang the chopping board and scissors when not in use for convenient storage
  • Includes: Four knives, 1 scissors and a chopping board
  • Blister Packing.

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Wooden chopping board with knife set and Scissor. Chopping board is made up from natural bamboo lid. This set comes with 4 stainless steel knifes 1 scissor and 1 chopping board.

Strong and sturdy, a must have kitchen tool kit.

Household/Kitchen Knives with a mix of Wavy and Straight Edges- These paring knives are an absolute stalwart of the chopping block. Ready to take on the most intricate culinary duties, these diminutive utility blades tackle a variety of precision tasks with impressive agility. From de-seeding, a jalapeño to deveining shrimp, peeling an onion, or chopping garlic, there’s no task too detailed. And with the Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set, 4 pieces, you can count on finding the right tool, every time.
Featuring soft-grip contoured handles, these knives provide a highly ergonomic grip that leads to stress-free cutting. The hollow ground edges on the knives makes it easy to cut through meat, fruits, and vegetables with equal ease. Furthermore, the smart design of these knives make them a great addition to your kitchen and dining space.

This chopping board knife set comes with blister packing.
Product Details:-
Weight:- 450 Grams
Length:- 20 Cm
Width:- 2 Cm
Height:- 32 Cm
HSN Code:- 8211
GST:- 18%


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