Cartoon Character Head Click Pencil for Kids | 0.5 MM | Assorted Colors | Display Box Packing

About This Item:-

  • Adorable Character Fun: Top off your pencil with everyone’s favorite cartoon characters for exciting writing!
  • Smooth 0.5mm Lead: Writes clean and crisp lines, perfect for homework or creative projects.
  • Stress Busting Clicker: Squeeze the silicone topper for a satisfying click and a calming effect.
  • Comfy Grip Design: Made for easy writing, even for younger hands.
  • Assorted Colors.
  • Display Box Packing.



Brighten up your child’s writing and drawing experience with our cartoon character head click pencil. These mechanical pencils are not just writing tools, but also a secure of endless fun and steel relief, perfect for young students and creative minds.

Adorable Cartoon Character Heads: Each pencil topped with a delightful cartoon character head, adding a touch of whimsy and fun to every writing task. These charming designs are sure to captivate and inspire kids.

Stress Refile Silicone Ball: Each pencil features a unique silicone ball that can be pressed and squeezed, offering a fun way to relieve stress and keep fidgety hands busy. Thid added features makes writing engaging and enjoyable for kids.

Precision 0.5 MM Lead: The fine 0.5 mm lead ensures smooth, precise, and consistent writing. Making these pencils ideal for schoolwork, doodling, and detailed drawings.

Easy to Use Click Mechanism: The convenient click mechanism allows for effortless lead advancement. Ensuring that kids can keep writing or drawing without interruption. The robust design ensures the lead stay in place, reducing breakage.


Combining functionality, fun, and stress relief, these mechanical pencils are a must-have for any young student or budding artist. Ideal for school, home, or creative projects, they bring a smile to every writing task. This Character Head Click Pencil Comes with assorted colors & prints.

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