Stainless Steel Fruits & Vegetables Masher & Juicer – Loose Packing


About This Item:-

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction of potato ricer/masher and a non-slip handles. To prepare healthy food!
  • This potato ricer is very easy to use, put in well-cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes or pumpkin or yam or fruit like lemon, orange, watermelon without skins, then press the lever down and lump free potato, pumpkin, fruit juice comes out of the hole.
  • You will be impressed by the seep and efficiency of the lemon juicer stainless steel nonetheless; This hand juicer press that extracts so much puree and juice as easily as this does.
  • Dimensions of the potato ricer: length diameter: 9.45”, width diameter: 4.33”, height: 5.12”
  • Loose Packing
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This stainless steel fruit juicer and vegetable masher is a multi-purpose utility. You can make baby food, mash potatoes or vegetable. This maser cum juicer have fine holes that can perfectly do it’s work and saves time.

Easy to use and handle. Made up from high quality and food grade stainless steel material. Comes in loose packing.

Product Dimensions :-

Weight :- 288 gm
Height :- 11 Cm
Length :- 25 Cm
Diameter :- 10 Cm

HSN Code :- 7323

GST Percentage :- 12 %


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