Plastic Transparent Secret Box with Eraser Beads for kids | Lock & Handle| Assorted Colors | Display Box Packing

About This Item:-

  • Kawaii & Clear:- Transparent plastic box with adorable kawaii cartoon prints lets kids see their treasures while keeping them hidden.
  • Lock & Key Security:- Working lock and key keeps prying eyes out, encouraging imaginative play and a sense of ownership.
  • Tresure Chest:-  Perfect size for storing small toys, jewelry included eraser beads, or any ither precious keepsakes.
  • Easy to Carry:- Convenient handle makes it easy for on the go adventures.
  • Assorted Colors.
  • Box Packing 
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This fun and functional Plastic Transparent Secret Box is perfect for kids who loves keeping their treasures hidden. Made from clear plastic with cute kawaii cartoon prints. This enchanting storage solution is perfect for keeping tiny treasures, secret, and eraser beads safe and sound.

Product Feature’s: –

  1. Lock and Key: – Equipped with a secure lock and key, this secret box ensures your child’s cherished item remain private and protected.
  2. Treasure Trove: – The perfect size for storing small toys, jewelry, eraser beads, or any other precious keepsakes.
  3. Convenient Handle: – Designed with a sturdy handle. It’s easy for kids to carry their secret box whether they go, adding portability and fun to their daily adventures.
  4. Adorable Kawaii Cartoon Prints: – The box features delightful kawaii cartoon designs that appeal to kids, making it a charming addition to their collection.
  5. Transparent Plastic: – Made from durable, transparent plastic, the contents are easily visible while maintaining sturdiness and longevity.
  6. Eraser Beads Included: – Each secret box comes with colorful eraser beads, adding an extra layer of fun creativity for your child.
  7. Assorted Colors: – Available in variety of vibrant colors & Prints.

Encourage your child’s sense of wonder and organization with our transparent kawaii printed Plastic Transparent Secret Box with eraser beads. It’s the perfect blend of functionality, fun, and style, making it an ideal accessory for any child’s room.


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