Coloring Kit Set with Crayons, Watercolors & Sketch Pens for Kids | 68 Pcs Set | Assorted Characters | Case Packing

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  • 68 Piece Coloring Kit Set for all ages and skill levels.
  • Assorted Coloring Pencils for blending and shading.
  • Fine-Tip Markers for intricate details and vibrant colors.
  • Watercolor Brush Pens for the joy of watercolor painting.
  • Crayons for adding sparkle and shimmer to your artwork.
  • Dual-Ended Markers for versatile strokes and lines.
  • Beautifully illustrated Coloring Book with intricate designs.
  • Sharpener and Eraser for precision and mistake correction.
  • Sturdy and compact Portable Case for easy transportation.
  • Neat organization with individual slots for each tool.


The 68 pcs Coloring Kit Set offers a wide range of vibrant and high-quality coloring tools, carefully curated to enhance your coloring experience.

This kit is one stop solution for all your child’s coloring needs. It include a variety of coloring mediums, such as crayons, watercolors and sketch pens. With vibrant assortment of colors, your child will have endless possibilities to create beautiful artwork.

Features an exciting assortment of beloved character that will capture the imagination of your little ones. From popular cartoon characters to friendly animals, the assorted character designs add an extra touch of delight and inspiration to their creations.

To keep everything organized and easily portable, the set comes in a sturdy case packing. It not only keeps the coloring tools secure but also allows for convenient storage and transport.

Coloring kit also also promotes cognitive and motor skill development. Through coloring, drawing and experimenting with different artistic mediums. Children can enhance their hand-eye coordination, color recognition and creativity.

It also provides a complete set of tools for children to express themselves artistically and explore their creative potential.




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